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Only slightly, only slightly less than I used to

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Celebrating Morrissey’s 54th birthday by blowing my friends off with the excuse “I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.”

 I was touring in a tour bus, which is nowhere near as exciting as people make it out to be, around France in November a couple of years ago. We had a day off so we parked the bus in a concrete car park on the side of a motorway in the grey rain. There was nothing, no cab company, nothing for miles, so we had to stay on the bus while it rained for an entire day. And we were all so bored. The only entertainment we could find was a dead worm on the side of the road. It was honestly the most depressing 24 hours of my life. When I got back from that tour I was like, “Fuck it, I’m never getting back on a tour bus. I’m never touring like that.” And that was it. I haven’t been back on a tour bus, I don’t have a band anymore; I travel on my own. I never want to look at a dead worm ever again. — Laura Marling, L.A. Lady

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KCRW Live Session

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This is Jason, and Jason isn’t just a face of another missing person- Jason is my friend. Once, I asked Jason if he had a string of tinsel hanging about at home that I could use in a photoshoot, and he came to college the next day with a cardboard box full of different colours of tinsel and fairy lights. He’s so human and I need your help.

Jason is a good guy and he’s in trouble now- the last tweet he sent said “I find it really sad that we that everyone that i tried to get help. From just. Turned. Their. Back”. We’re all afraid. He’s been missing for over four days now. Please, PLEASE signal boost this.

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Laura Marling at The Chapel

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Anonymous asked: What happened to your face?

I got drunk, mistook a wall for a door, and tried to walk through it.

But if people from my real life ask me, I sustained the injuries courageously diving into oncoming traffic, to save a litter of deaf, blind, 3-legged kittens that were playing in the middle of the road.

Sounds classier.